Aurelija Arrives!

You will remember this family from my last post (you can see it here!). Today we’re celebrating the arrival of Aurelija, the new addition to the family. And personally, today I’m celebrating Authenticity.

The night before our shoot Sascha messaged me and wrote ‘Well I better decide on what we should all wear’. It was a chore. The thing with photo shoots is we always feel like they have to be perfect. We want a sunny day with glowing light, everyone happy and looking their best. I could tell Sascha had a lot going on between Aurelija and Mac and I suggested we keep it uncomplicated and have a pyjama party, which made for some fun but most of all authentic images.
Sascha, Dave, Mac and Aurelija huddled together and read books and cuddled in their jammies and it was r-e-a-l. Uncomplicated, giggly and blissful.

Sascha told me she had gone to a psychic before Aurelija arrived and had been told that Aurelija would have a strong personality which I definitely agree with! She was so intent on sleeping her way, not open to the idea of being ‘moulded’ into cute little baby poses. I went with it and I’m so happy with these set of images. They are real. They show the love of a family that may be a little sleep deprived, but are extremely blessed and celebrating their togetherness. They show Mac fitting into his big brother shoes, learning to be gentle as he holds Aurelija’s hand and kisses her face.
Imperfectly perfect. I love these photos.