Jacquie & GeoffDi Lusso Winery Mudgee NSW

So winter is here and it is cold, cold, cold. So below are some photos from the beautiful Jacquie and Geoff’s wedding to warm you right up :)
There were so many amazing elements to gush about, with a real dose of their passions and personalities weaved into the day. They chose the dreamiest place to get ready in at Trelawney House (you will see an outdoor hot tub in the photos) and had their family and friends right there with him. Some of my all-time favourite photos were taken at this wedding, including the photos of  Jacquie and Geoff getting ready together.

The ceremony and reception were at the gorgeous Di Lusso winery, and Geoff made some quality beer at home which he took along for guests. There’s a lot of bliss in the following photos, be ready for some magic!
And one of my favourite photos of the night. I call this “The Magic between us”And I love the magic dust caught by the light here :)

  • Renzo said:

    Amazing job. Really cool wedding. The Abbey Road photos are the best, especially the vintage effect. Nice one!

  • Sarah bledzki said:

    What amazing photography! You guys looks so incredible and it's such a treat to see these gorgeous pics of your special day. Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple xxx

  • Jenelle said:

    the photos are FABUOLOUS love all the little details they did
    love mum

  • Heti said:

    Beautiful photos. What a magical day for you both. So honoured to have been part of it. Xx

  • SIm said:

    Beautiful images, you really captured the essence of the day. What a unique and beautiful wedding!

  • Neli said:

    Wow Tess, I had tears in my eyes!
    The pics are so sensual, gentle, soft and real they make you feel as if you were part of the event...and I don't even know the couple! You are touching people's heart with your photography! Amazing job xx

  • Jess said:

    Absolutely stunning photos Jac. An amazing photographer!

  • Jocelyn said:

    OMG this is the most amazing collection of memories - exceptional!