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Edie & LiamSydney Fairground Follies

It’s not often I begin a blog with one of the last photos of the night, but I am so giddy to share this one with you so here it is. Plus, it is pretty revealing of the fun and kooky day where Edie and Liam said I Do.

Edie and I went to school together so it was incredible to photograph such an intimate day of someone I’ve shared history with. She was my first homeroom buddy, and one of my first memories I have with Edie is her letting me copy her book the first week of school when I hadn’t gotten my glasses yet.
Fast forward 15 years and I am photographing her and Liam on one of the most special days of their lives. The day was perfect, the groomsmen and bridesmaids were full of personality, the guests were fun and the venue was a photographer’s dream. But most of all, Edie and Liam have found home in each other and that in itself was the biggest joy to document. Here is the story of their day in my eyes.

And also, you can see the photos from their engagement session here, full of puppies and water. A perfect start to the week!

Alaina and Ryan say ‘I Do’

A few teasers from Alaina and Ryan’s beautiful day in Mudgee. She arrived by a horse-drawn carriage to the Church and the vows were exchanged among family and friends. We then ventured out and Alaina and Ryan had some time alone bathed in the sunshine and their post-wedding bliss. It was beautiful to document and the reception at Blue Wren (props to all of Alaina’s hard work!) provided a stunning atmosphere for all their guests; and as always, Mudgee provided another remarkable sunset.

Arlo arrives

Arlo’s newborn session was very significant for me. His big brother Keenan was the first baby I photographed under Breathing Light! And three years later I find myself with the whole family, immersed in golden light on the 4th day of the new year and I am photographing Ashleigh and Adrian’s second boy Arlo, and documenting Keenan as he fits into his big brother shoes. It was incredible to observe how much my ‘first Breathing Light baby’ had grown and to see this family of four together celebrating the newest member to their tribe.

Welcome to the world Maddie

I absolutely loved this session capturing 8 week new Madeline. Documenting her growing personality and the expressions she made and watching the way her parents loved and spoke to her was incredible. We took photos in their home and the light was magic. She played and slept and looked at me with such a steady gaze and I took so much joy in the few hours I was there. Here are a few photographs from our session, which also features Simba.

Serendipitously 10 years ago to the day (of our session) Dao and Bao started going out, and 4 years ago to the day they wed. This shoot was taken two months to the day Maddie was born.

Sweet One, You are Loved

I’m so blessed to do what I do and meet the families I meet. This session was beautiful. Not just for the backdrop (stunning in its stillness) but all the stories woven into it. This is the lake where Haley grew up and played for hours with her family, and this is where she still visits to feel grounded. Her and Marc take their sparkly Marley and newborn Ariana here so it was wonderful to do their first family shoot together in such a significant place.

I like to approach my newborn sessions as family sessions, celebrating the newest member to the clan. Rather than only focusing on the bub, it’s wonderful to document the space the whole family is in after 9 months of anticipation. Seeing Haley and Marc love and cuddle their two girls and each other, celebrating the simplicity of being outdoors together, well that was just bliss. Scroll to the bottom to see Ariana in all her newness!And no newborn session is complete without capturing little tootsie details!



Frances & UmbiBondi

Meet Frances and Umbi, two strangers from different corners of the world who met in Sydney and fell in love. It was so beautiful to photograph a couple whose energies bounce off each other with such synchronicity. Their love is undeniable.
Frances is now back in Puerto Rico (just for a short little while) so these photos are for her heart that is missing her man :)

Persia and Josh’ intimate exchange of vows

This is a special little blogpost for me. I have known Persia for a little while now, in fact, since I fell in love with yoga 5-6 years ago! She is a wonderful yoga teacher who brings an intention to all her classes. Without knowing it, her presence and open-hearted classes have helped me view the world with more grace and gratitude. Two elements which have shaped my approach to life and photography. It was wonderful to meet Josh and to document their intimate exchange of vows in front of close family and friends.

A beautiful sunset with Jacquie, Geoff and Bonnie

Jacquie and Geoff are getting married in Mudgee in a few weeks and I can’t wait. Especially after this engagement shoot with their pup Bonnie. Everything came together with their playfulness and the gorgeous sunset!

Katie and Andrew say ‘I Do’ at Gunners Barracks

One of my favourite parts of a wedding are the speeches. I get to see into the couples lives that led them to make a lifetime vow to one another. It’s a special treat to see their parents up there, speaking animatedly of embarrassing childhood tales, ending with a story or two of just how special their child is. It’s heart-bursting material. I almost always leave with a new philosophy to go by so I want to tell you what touched me with this particular wedding.

Katie’s dad got up and after mentioning all her achievements he finished off with a story about a lesson his daughter had taught him. In times of stress, Katie always said “Don’t waste a worry”.
It doesn’t sound like much til you think about it. That perhaps, in life, you get a jar of feelings similar to a pack of Allen’s lollies (on a side note, please read this very funny complaint to Allen’s about their lack of variety). And in this jar of feelings, you only got a few ‘worries’.
When you think about it that way “Don’t waste a worry” becomes such a wise attitude. That we have to use our ‘worries’ sparingly as we only get a few. It is a seed to plant a more positive and trusting outlook to life, and a mentality many people are only able to have in retrospect.

Here are some of my favourite photos of the lovely Katie and Andrew, followed by a slideshow of their sweet day.

Much love and blessings to you both!

And just click play to see the slideshow of the day