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Arlo arrives

Arlo’s newborn session was very significant for me. His big brother Keenan was the first baby I photographed under Breathing Light! And three years later I find myself with the whole family, immersed in golden light on the 4th day of the new year and I am photographing Ashleigh and Adrian’s second boy Arlo, and documenting Keenan as he fits into his big brother shoes. It was incredible to observe how much my ‘first Breathing Light baby’ had grown and to see this family of four together celebrating the newest member to their tribe.


Meet sweet lil Arlo. I photographed her parents back in November when Dan was 7 months pregnant. You can see it here. For this newborn session I went and took some photos of Arlo and her adoring parents in their beautiful home. I felt so giddy to meet this lil cuddlebug, she has quite a lot of hair and some strong daddy features! :)

I love her little grumpy face on the right. It’s amazing to me how focused newborns look when they’re snoozing :)  This photo makes me giggle every time without fail.And her lil wee featuresThese lips..And I love this one of daddy and his girlThese shots were taken without them knowing I was hiding behind the door :)  I adore these moments

Twin boys Miles and Ari – cuddlebugs!


Meet Miles and Ari, two weeks old and so very precious. I love how they snuggle in together. Can’t wait to see them blossom! We started off at home then made our way to Bondi Beach

And outside… I love working with natural light :)I adore these images of the boys under this big beautiful tree. I took some of them together as well as on their own. I love the contrast between the texture of the tree and their soft fresh baby bodies.

This is big brother Miles – and one of my favourite images from our sessionMy favourite images of the family together..

Baby Jasmine and her gorgeous, loving parents

Meet sweet little Jasmine.. This was a really special shoot. I came ready to capture little Jasmine’s beauty and was awestruck by the love between her parents and their love for her. It is rare I do a newborn session without including the parents and siblings. The family connection and the nest the bub is born into is so beautiful and honest. This shoot really reflects this.

This shot above on the left is purely for Rhiannon and Scott – this is what I call love, when one parent has the baby-wipes ready in hand 😉

Beautiful family shot – I love how entwined their hands are, and little Jasmine resting on her dad’s warm chest.

I love her mumma’s expression here watching her sleep

I love this shot of her dad playing guitar to soothe her during our session.. Led Zeppelin if I remember correctly. This is going to be one cool baby


Scott loves his baseball and I’m pretty sure he’s going to instill it in Jasmine too. I love how big the ball looks in her tiny hands.

Rhiannon told me they loved being outdoors and they live in such a pretty area. I love these shots :)Two of my favourite images between mumma and bub.

I have the best job..  Full of sweetness, beauty and connection.