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Edie & LiamSydney Fairground Follies

It’s not often I begin a blog with one of the last photos of the night, but I am so giddy to share this one with you so here it is. Plus, it is pretty revealing of the fun and kooky day where Edie and Liam said I Do.

Edie and I went to school together so it was incredible to photograph such an intimate day of someone I’ve shared history with. She was my first homeroom buddy, and one of my first memories I have with Edie is her letting me copy her book the first week of school when I hadn’t gotten my glasses yet.
Fast forward 15 years and I am photographing her and Liam on one of the most special days of their lives. The day was perfect, the groomsmen and bridesmaids were full of personality, the guests were fun and the venue was a photographer’s dream. But most of all, Edie and Liam have found home in each other and that in itself was the biggest joy to document. Here is the story of their day in my eyes.

And also, you can see the photos from their engagement session here, full of puppies and water. A perfect start to the week!

Maya and her litter of six

So excited to show you a shoot I did this morning! You know I love dogs and this shoot just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I photographed Maya’s first litter last year and she has had another litter of six. Six puppies! That’s a lot of cuteness for a Sunday night :)
Enjoy some Sunday snuggliness!
I love how they look for nooks and just fit into each other. Every time I positioned them for a photo they would quickly duck their heads back into each other. Swoon!Puppy pie? :)And this simple lil paw shot to melt your heart

I love this lil yawnMumma with her pooches. I think she was a little confused but was a good sport and went along with it :)And a final shot of how hungry they got post-shoot :)

Helen and Jeshua – Engaged!

Meet Helen and Jeshua, two lovely people I got to photograph twice in one week! This is from our engagement shoot, shot outside by the park close to the studio. This great new cafe The Pig and Pastry opened close by so we started off there and made our way into the park, with Helen’s favourite chair that has traveled from place to place with her. I loved capturing how kooky and playful they were with each other, and that they fulfilled one of my wishes of photographing a couple high up on a tree!Next blogpost will be of the wedding shot at the studio!

Olivia the lil owl

So the story of this shoot probably begins over 45 years ago when Christina’s dad and my dad were good friends back in Vietnam. After leaving the country in search for something better they stumbled upon each other in Sydney. That was 27 years ago. And not a week goes by where they don’t at least speak to each other on the phone. They truly are best friends.

That is how Christina and I were destined to meet and become friends very early on. And I have seen her go from graduating to marrying her hubby Joel and having Olivia all in the last few years. Here are some photos of her lil lady-love Olivia x

And click play below to see the stop motion video I made for Olivia. I loved stitching the felt pieces to use for the intro and best of all it is now a baby mobile for little Olivia. Sweet dreaming lil child :)

Snoozy Olivia from Breathing Light on Vimeo.

Have a happy sunshiny day! Tessa

An Autumn Inspired Newborn Shoot

So I am excited to introduce to you tiny, curly 10 day old Sascha Yoshihiro Bardal Mori. Pretty impressive name don’t you think? And I’m in love with him! He pulled so many amazing faces throughout our shoot, it was pretty amazing to document.
Nadia is a friend I met back in my Nursing days, and her and Paul are originally from Canada. For this shoot I went walking through the park and picked up some maple-tree leaf imposters to incorporate in our shoot. As it was towards the end of Autumn I was able to pick up some beautiful crunchy leaves with some beautiful rustic colours. This is my favourite season and I love the Autumny throws I was able to use for this shoot!

See what I mean with the faces? I just blissfully waited and captured each of his dreamy smiles :)One of my favourites (I have a lot of favourites) from the day. I love how curly his little body is and the grumpy expression on his sweet faceThey had lots of gifts given to them from friends across the world. I love these little woolen booties!I love the textures of the leaves against his skinAnd my favourite expression from the day:And his grandparents all the way from Canada were able to be part of our shoot :)


Meet sweet lil Arlo. I photographed her parents back in November when Dan was 7 months pregnant. You can see it here. For this newborn session I went and took some photos of Arlo and her adoring parents in their beautiful home. I felt so giddy to meet this lil cuddlebug, she has quite a lot of hair and some strong daddy features! :)

I love her little grumpy face on the right. It’s amazing to me how focused newborns look when they’re snoozing :)  This photo makes me giggle every time without fail.And her lil wee featuresThese lips..And I love this one of daddy and his girlThese shots were taken without them knowing I was hiding behind the door :)  I adore these moments