That’s what little boys are made of…

“Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails, that’s what little boys are made of”…

I love when I get to see clients again! Almost two years ago Penny (Mama Backhouse) contacted me over a year ago and asked me to photograph her family and newborn son Harrison. You can see the shoot here. Fast forward to a few month ago I was asked to photograph her family again with their boys all grown up. As she was describing them I kept hearing the nursery rhyme to ‘What little boys are made of’ and knew I wanted to incorporate that into our shoot.

So using that as a theme Renzo and I built a stable teepee that the boys could play with and we also used the famous Breathing Light boat that seems to have become our icon! I was able to get my happy hands on a vintage trikey from a friend and we were set to go. I searched high and low all over Sydney to find a nice creek that wasn’t fenced off and eventually found a beautiful little nook in Putney. It really was the most beautiful of backdrops!

This is one of my favourite shoots for so many reasons: seeing old clients again, photographing the boys’ developing personalities while they play with each other, and also seeing how my style has evolved since I last photographed them.

Anyway click play to see this shoot!
PS. I’ve been getting asked a lot about this beautiful song, it’s called “You and Me” by Penny and the Quarters.

Owen & Harrison from Breathing Light on Vimeo.