Maternity, Birth and Newborn SessionHenry's journey Earth Side

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Today’s featured family are incredibly special to me. I met Natalie at the beginning of my Breathing Light journey, around the time she started her beautiful bespoke jewellery line.
When she contacted me to document the birth of her baby it was incredibly heart-warming to think I would be sharing the experience with her and Dan.

There are some images from their maternity session just weeks before they met Henry in the flesh. Documenting the progression from anticipation, to the strength of birth itself, to the comfort of home there is an authentic display of ‘soaking things in’. There was a sense of slowing down, of wonder and an abundance of tenderness. It is an affirmation for me to live with intention and curiosity.

I’m starting the images off with one of the last photos from our maternity session, with the last of the day’s rays kissing Natalie and the trees cocooning her and Henry.

And 11 days later…