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It’s so exciting to have my new website up after working on it for many months now. And to top it off, I am blogging a session with one of the first clients I had the pleasure of documenting. You can see the first session here. It really fills me up not just seeing how much my Breathing Light babies have grown, but also their blossoming personalities.

I came back to photograph the latest member to the family, Rhys. With his big procupine hair,  brown eyes and adoring family, it all came together to create a sweet session celebrating this beautiful family.

First, a comparison of Mia and her rabbit from our 2013 session and now 🙂

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Maternity, Birth and Newborn SessionHenry's journey Earth Side

Today’s featured family are incredibly special to me. I met Natalie at the beginning of my Breathing Light journey, around the time she started her beautiful bespoke jewellery line.
When she contacted me to document the birth of her baby it was incredibly heart-warming to think I would be sharing the experience with her and Dan.

There are some images from their maternity session just weeks before they met Henry in the flesh. Documenting the progression from anticipation, to the strength of birth itself, to the comfort of home there is an authentic display of ‘soaking things in’. There was a sense of slowing down, of wonder and an abundance of tenderness. It is an affirmation for me to live with intention and curiosity.

I’m starting the images off with one of the last photos from our maternity session, with the last of the day’s rays kissing Natalie and the trees cocooning her and Henry.

And 11 days later…

Arlo arrives

Arlo’s newborn session was very significant for me. His big brother Keenan was the first baby I photographed under Breathing Light! And three years later I find myself with the whole family, immersed in golden light on the 4th day of the new year and I am photographing Ashleigh and Adrian’s second boy Arlo, and documenting Keenan as he fits into his big brother shoes. It was incredible to observe how much my ‘first Breathing Light baby’ had grown and to see this family of four together celebrating the newest member to their tribe.

Welcome to the world Maddie

I absolutely loved this session capturing 8 week new Madeline. Documenting her growing personality and the expressions she made and watching the way her parents loved and spoke to her was incredible. We took photos in their home and the light was magic. She played and slept and looked at me with such a steady gaze and I took so much joy in the few hours I was there. Here are a few photographs from our session, which also features Simba.

Serendipitously 10 years ago to the day (of our session) Dao and Bao started going out, and 4 years ago to the day they wed. This shoot was taken two months to the day Maddie was born.

Aurelija Arrives!

You will remember this family from my last post (you can see it here!). Today we’re celebrating the arrival of Aurelija, the new addition to the family. And personally, today I’m celebrating Authenticity.

The night before our shoot Sascha messaged me and wrote ‘Well I better decide on what we should all wear’. It was a chore. The thing with photo shoots is we always feel like they have to be perfect. We want a sunny day with glowing light, everyone happy and looking their best. I could tell Sascha had a lot going on between Aurelija and Mac and I suggested we keep it uncomplicated and have a pyjama party, which made for some fun but most of all authentic images.
Sascha, Dave, Mac and Aurelija huddled together and read books and cuddled in their jammies and it was r-e-a-l. Uncomplicated, giggly and blissful.

Sascha told me she had gone to a psychic before Aurelija arrived and had been told that Aurelija would have a strong personality which I definitely agree with! She was so intent on sleeping her way, not open to the idea of being ‘moulded’ into cute little baby poses. I went with it and I’m so happy with these set of images. They are real. They show the love of a family that may be a little sleep deprived, but are extremely blessed and celebrating their togetherness. They show Mac fitting into his big brother shoes, learning to be gentle as he holds Aurelija’s hand and kisses her face.
Imperfectly perfect. I love these photos.

Sascha, Dave and Mac get ready for a new bub

This one’s close to my heart. I met Sascha at her Yogatime studio in Bondi, which has a beautiful and intimate vibe if you are interested in discovering a new gem of a yoga studio! I was so excited when she told me she was expecting a second bub, especially as Mac is incredibly cute. The little dude has massive amounts of personality as you will see from the photographs below! It was super special to document a family that loves each other as much as these guys do. They played and hugged and Mac got swung around and chased and we all had a ball. I can’t wait to meet their little girl who will arrive any day now!

With two days to go

Just two days before little Aya arrived into the world we went out and had a quick mini shoot by the rocks in North Bondi. We didn’t have the orange glow that I usually love to shoot in, and instead had a fair bit of wind which is one of those special ingredients that brings a photo to life. So for me, these images are all about Kali and Andres living and loving in the moment, full of anticipation for two to become three.

Sweet One, You are Loved

I’m so blessed to do what I do and meet the families I meet. This session was beautiful. Not just for the backdrop (stunning in its stillness) but all the stories woven into it. This is the lake where Haley grew up and played for hours with her family, and this is where she still visits to feel grounded. Her and Marc take their sparkly Marley and newborn Ariana here so it was wonderful to do their first family shoot together in such a significant place.

I like to approach my newborn sessions as family sessions, celebrating the newest member to the clan. Rather than only focusing on the bub, it’s wonderful to document the space the whole family is in after 9 months of anticipation. Seeing Haley and Marc love and cuddle their two girls and each other, celebrating the simplicity of being outdoors together, well that was just bliss. Scroll to the bottom to see Ariana in all her newness!And no newborn session is complete without capturing little tootsie details!