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Yamba, North Coast WeddingJess and Celia say I Do

A snippet of Jess and Celia’s perfect wedding day in Yamba, NSW.

“My darling Celia, ever since I met you, I’ve wanted to tell you everything. I share with you a part of myself that no one else sees. I find you hilarious and you never cease to delight me with your silliness. Your intelligence and your constant curiosity and growth amaze me. I can’t wait to meet you again and again in the years to come. Discovering you is so exciting. And you are beautiful – the most babin’ of babes. Looking into your eyes as I hold you in my arms is one of the best things in my life. I am whole, a body onto myself, but I am drawn to you with gravity that I do not want to resist. I want to marry you because you are a bright star in my sky and I want to stargaze forever. All my love, my soon to be wife”.

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Helen and Jeshua – Engaged!

Meet Helen and Jeshua, two lovely people I got to photograph twice in one week! This is from our engagement shoot, shot outside by the park close to the studio. This great new cafe The Pig and Pastry opened close by so we started off there and made our way into the park, with Helen’s favourite chair that has traveled from place to place with her. I loved capturing how kooky and playful they were with each other, and that they fulfilled one of my wishes of photographing a couple high up on a tree!Next blogpost will be of the wedding shot at the studio!