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Waldara Farm WeddingJess and Kameron say I Do

A glimpse into the day that Jess and Kameron got hitched at Waldara Farm, with all their closest friends and family by their side. A thing about marrying your bestie from high school is that just about everyone at the wedding knows each other; and for Jess and Kam it made for a gloriously fun, silly and chilled out day. Scroll down to see two beautiful people loved up, some serious gorgeous light, vows being exchanged, horses come to play, curious cows stand by to get involved, and the epic bouquet and garter toss.


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Sydney City WeddingHolly and Luke say I Do

I’ve always found it a privilege to be welcomed into someone’s wedding to document the day unfold. It’s also an inspiration, both work-wise and on a personal level to observe and witness the bubbling anticipation, vulnerability, joy and all-round fun that comes with a wedding day that’s been planned and designed by the couple for their loved friends and family. Like observing the calm sea from afar, as you get closer you see all the textures and beauty and where the light hits, and how it comes together to create that beautiful energy that keeps you coming back. So I love every wedding I shoot, and witnessing the day unravel and both the carefully curated and spontaneous magical moments that come with it. This is Holly and Luke’s story; two beautiful people who met and fell in love in the northern beaches and a few weeks ago said I Do on a sunny Sydney day.

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